Ikaria the island you forget to leave & you return because you fall in love with it

Welcome to Ikaria, the enchanting island of the Aegean Sea and the home of the mythical Icarus. Visit Ikaria and discover what means pure nature, wild beauty, impressive mountainous landscapes, pristine beaches, hot springs and hospitable people.

Rarely among the Greek islands, Ikaria has remained faithful to itself and the way of life of its people – the Ikarians. Tourism in Ikaria is addressed to everyone and reflects an “Ikarian Balance” between nature, freedom, time and development.

Ikaria offers something for everyone: remote & cosmopolitan beaches, a variety of accommodations, the famous Ikarian “Panigiria” (celebrations with music, dance, food and Ikarian wine), archaeological and religious sites of interest, wineries, language and cooking lessons and entertaining outdoor activities.

Exotic, romantic, crowded, or isolated, the beaches of Ikaria are unique…
Discover them all!
We present a list of most beaches on the island, organized or not, with pebbles or fine sand, with clear waters, for all ages and preferences surrounded by a unique natural environment.
Happy dives!

Get to know the folk tradition of the island and the way of life of Ikarians in the past.
Numerous remarkable exhibits, such as traditional costumes, textiles and various objects and utensils, are found in the museums and folklore collections of the island.
It is worth taking time to visit them during your stay in Ikaria.
Get to know the Ikarian cuisine! Try local delicacies, meat, seafood, fish, in restaurants and taverns all over the island.
Throughout the year, in every village of Ikaria, festivals are organized, accompanying a religious feast. Raskos, Ikarian wine, live traditional music, fun, Ikarian dance, people laughing and embracing and …… feast until morning!
These are the Ikarian festivals! When you visit Ikaria, you should definitely not forget to come to a festival and get to know the culture of Ikarians.
We present a detailed list, with all the festivals, where they are held and which celebrations accompany. Come and have fun with your soul!
Ikaria is an ideal starting point for day or multi-day excursions, inside and outside the island. Visit the neighboring Fournoi with the unexplored, unique worldwide, underwater ruins of shipwrecks and the famous fish taverns of the island.
Nearby is Samos, Chios and Patmos, with rich historical and religious beauty to discover.
Of course, a little further away are the coast of Turkey, for those who want to get to know another neighboring culture.

Ikaria has an extensive, but often difficult road network. A car or motorcycle is a good choice for transportation. However, hiking is probably the best way to discover the whole island, even the most remote beaches and villages. Walking, too, will make you feel like an Ikarian and give you longevity!

Check the stops and timetables of the municipal local bus, or rent a taxi for your transportation. There is frequent communication between Agios Kirikos and Therma, so as to serve people who wish to visit the thermal springs. You can take the bus, or taxi, or even by boat.

There are many car rental companies around the island. Also available from many companies and motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles.
For those who love sea, you can rent a boat and experience another Ikaria!

Here, you can find all the useful telephone numbers, in case of emergency, in Ikaria.